Immersion RF Power Meter


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Frequency Range: 1MHz -> 8GHz
Power Range: -50dBm thru 0dBm w/o Attenuator
Un-attenuated VSWR: <1.5:1 below 1GHz, <1.7:1 1GHz -> 8GHz.
Attenuated VSWR: <1.05:1 below 1GHz, <1.5:1 1GHz -> 8GHz (typical)
Connector: SMA Female
Input Impedance: 50 ohms
Length: 90mm
Width: 52mm
Height: 19mm
Weight: 40g
Power Requirements: 6v – 16v DC
Power Consumption: ~100mA

Affordable RF power measurements, a fraction of the cost of similar equipment
Measure pulsed, and continuous RF power levels (e.g. UHF, and A/V Downlinks)
Calibrated on all common bands used for modelling, and especially FPV
50dB of dynamic range (-50dBm -> 0dBm without the external attenuator)
Readout in mW, or dBm
USB port for future upgrades
Check the output power of racing quads for compliance before an event.

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