TBS Dominator Goggle Receiver


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This 5.8 receiver module is made specially for the Fatshark Dominators. Featuring custom, high-sensitivity 5.8 GHz receiver modules compatible with all 5.8 GHz systems sold to date. More specifically transmitters sold by HobbyKing, Foxtech, etc and out-of-the-box systems such as the SpyHawk FPV are supported, as well as all Airwave-compatible transmitters (e.g. ImmersionRC).

Note: compatibility with Airwave is provided, but the quality will not be desireable. We suggest the use of BOSCAM video transmitters.

Quick Instructions

Place the module into your Fatshark Dominator receiver. Toggle channel UP/DOWN within 1 second on the goggles to scan through all 40 channels for valid video signals. Toggle between bands by pushing (and holding) the golden button. The receiver will display the currently active band with the LED.

1 flash = BOSCAM Band A
2 flashes = BOSCAM Band B
3 flashes = BOSCAM Band E
4 flashes = Airwave
5 flashes = Race band

Toggle channel within bands using the Fatshark channel select buttons.


40 channels (5 Bands with 8 channels each)
-90dBm sensitivity
Works with all BOSCAM A/V transmitters (200mW, 400mW, 500mW)
Works with Airwave transmitters (tested with the new ImmersionRC 600mW)*
3 – 5V operating voltage
RP-SMA antenna connector
Fatshark Dominator compatible, toggles channels using the Fatshark button!
Can be installed into Fatshark Attitude goggles!
* Airwave frequency support is not full spec. Range is affected, as well as transmission picture quality! We highly recommend the use of BOSCAM transmitters.


5.8 GHz TBS Fatshark Dominator Receiver
5.8 GHz 5dbi RHCP Patch Antenna – designed by IBCrazy

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