Flyduino KISS FC V2 32Bit Flight Control



ARM-Cortex M7 MCU
Powered directly by the battery
Onboard USB
Bidirectional communication
ultrafast Dshot 2400, sinHybrid and full Kiss Telemetry support.

STM32F722RET6 MCU, ARM-Cortex M7 with FPU running at 216Mhz
MPU6000 Gyro and ACC Sensor
Integrated DC-DC converter for direct LiPo battery input (2-6S 6-30V) max 500mA on 5V
The first four ESC outputs are amplified to 5V Signal with very fast drivers (for a clear Dshot signal)
CP2102 USB-UART USB controller for simpler updates with the KISS Bootloader
MCU: STM32F722RET6 @216Mhz
Weight: 5g
Mounting Holes: 3x3cm pattern with 3.3mm holes (compatible with most frame types
Voltage: 2-6S (direct)

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