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TBS Tango

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It’s bullet-point time!!

*10 CH digital remote control system
*15 model storage
*40ch high performance video receiver, PitMode compatible
*Built-in 5dBi patch antenna for unparalleled range
*CRSF and PPM output via JR-Module
*Quad-bearing stick gimbals
*2x 3-Pos toggle, 2x 2-pos toggle, 2x extension port, 2x proportional dials, 4 digital trims, menu rocker dial, 3-button video receiver controls
*Built-in FC support for: Cleanflight/Betaflight, DJI Naza V2, OpenPilot/TauLabs, Blade (e.g. tiny whoop)
*Built-in JR support for: TBS Crossfire, FrSky XJT, Spektrum DSM2 Air, ImmersionRC EzUHF
*6000mAh Lithium-Ion battery, USB chargeable
*USB upgradeable via TBS Agent

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