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Range Video On-Screen Display (RVOSD)



(1) GPS
(1) 70A current sensor
(1) IR Remote
(4) 150mm male to male wires

Integrated sensors:
– 2x Gyro 1x accelerometer
– Barometric pressure sensor
– Magnetometer

-3 axis camera stabilization (requires soldering your servo wires to RVOSD main board).
– NEW AHI with pitch degree markers.
– FOV ratio adjust for new AHI display –
– Load waypoints via USB PC program (US only).
– Loiter radius setting for return to home and waypoints.
– Improved barometric altitude sensor
– Airspeed sensor support (requires buying an additional airpseed sensor and pitot tube)
-Voltage display of main and video battery
-Voltage range: 6 – 30V
-Current display up to 70A, soon available up to 140A with a different current sensor.
-Up to 50’000 mAh battery usage display
-GPS altitude
-GPS ground speed
-GPS coordinates
-GPS number of satellites
-GPS heading
-GPS variometer
-Ground distance to home
-Line of sight distance to home
-Artificial horizon
-Elapsed time
-Call sign
-RSSI display and inputs analog or digital
-Five servo inputs for connection to regular RC receivers, also supports combined PPM inputs for two separated receivers, is possible to display RSSI for each one
-Dual receiver inputs, RVOSD switch to second receiver if main receiver had lost R/C signal -G-force display up to 8G
-Flight summary display of Altitude, speed, range, distance traveled, current and G-force
-Six display modes. Advanced, simple, radar, Raw sensor inputs, GPS signal and no OSD screen
-Display GPS satellites in view signal level and position
-User can configure the OSD display width
-Metric/imperial units selection
-Configuration of all OSD parameters via infrared control, physical access to the OSD board not needed for configuration, no computer required
-Configuration of in-flight menu items via RC transmitter, only one extra auxiliary channel required for accessing all OSD-autopilot options
-On screen display items can be enabled-disabled or moved to different positions
-Range warning
-Voltage warning
-Battery capacity warning
-Lost signal warning
-RSSI level warning
-Elevation warning
-GPS fail warning
-Autopilot modes, Return home, Level flight, Heading hold, Position hold, Fly by wire and waypoint navigation.
-Is possible to set up to 15 3D waypoints via remote control
-Programmable virtual fence to keep airplane at safe distance on waypoint navigation mode
-Automatic return home if virtual fence distance exceeded, RC signal lost or latest waypoint reached
-Automatic selection of PAL NTSC
-Buffered video input and output processing, plug and play with all FPV cameras
-Integrated GPS backup battery
-Integrated temperature sensor, external temperature sensor optional
-Current draw 85mA@12V
-Provides filtered voltage 5V or 12V for both camera and video transmitter
-Automatic selection of voltage input from higher voltage battery
-Adjust of most autopilot features via configuration wizard
-Dual level throttle management on autopilot mode for optimum battery usage
-Upgradeable firmware- requires Pickit
-Home setting automatically
-Detects R/C link lost by glitch counter or failsafe level
-Detection of failsafe on the throttle channel configurable for over or under normal throttle range
-Display estimated maximum range left
-Board position can be configured by software to be rolled 0-90-180-270°, front-rear can be reversed also
-Neutral attitude adjustable via software
-Attitude input from integrated IMU
-Attitude input from external IR sensors (optional)
-Turn and climb rate display
-G-force display
-Adjustable artificial horizon size and position
-Autopilot controls four servo output channels for regular airplanes with elevator, aileron, throttle and rudder. Supports differential ailerons airplanes and flying wings with elevons
-Barometric altitude
-Barometric variometer
-Barometric pressure
-All parameters on the screen redraw at 50-60Hz, high refresh rate for smooth relaxing display

Manual download:

Click to access Starting%20with%20RVOSD5.pdf

Click to access RVOSD5.1r0.pdf

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