HSP 1/10th On-road Touring Car (Xeme) RTF 2.4Ghz


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The color of the car body will be varied depends on the Our Warehouse Stock.

HSP XEMe 94103 PRO Features:

1.Aluminum centre drive joint
2.Powerful SP03302 brushless motor
3.long body posts with clip holes for adjusting body level
4.Extra large bumper foam protects against impacts
5.High precise measurement SP03307 brushless ESC
6.Extra large anodized aluminum radio tray
7.Oil filled full aluminum capped shocks
8.Anti-skid on road tires and chrome sprayed wheel rims

HSP XEME 94103 PRO Specification:

Wheelbase: 260mm

Track: 195mm (F/R)

Ground clearance: 4.5mm

Gear ratio: 6.25:1

Diameter/width of wheel: 65/26mm

Weight: 1330g

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