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RCHeli Camera Mount Kit S-1000 3axis



If you want to get high quality video, we suggest to use electrical power helicopter. This is because the vibration caused by nitro or gas engine will degrade the video performance significantly (gas > nitro> electric). Furthermore, all screws in use for the camera mount and heli should be secured firmly. And you shall minimize any play in the heli and make sure the blade set are well balanced.. This will minimize the time you spent for fine tuning based on our experience during our testing period T-REX 700 Nitro with e-conversion. You may also use 700E or other same graded helicopter. As for the blades, you may choose the special design for F3C or perhaps flaunt the high buoyancy characteristic blade.

Moreover S-1000 used three Continuous Rotation Servo This servo is different from other servos in the market. The biggest different is it does not have neutral point, therefore when in used; each time needs to adjust a little bit the radio. This situation occurs on how you lunch your receiver and receiver quality.

As we use gyro only in non-head-lock mode, it is no matter wherever the gyro are mounted in camera pan or camera mount (leg). There are wide spaces on camera mount for installing any accessories you need, especially there are reserved holds that can let you freely move aluminum bolt. You can easily setup your accessories.

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Weight 6 kg