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BoltRC Kraken K5R Frame


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Unique molded aerodynamic polycarbonate pod
4mm thick carbon fiber arms
Not a unibody – the arms are easily replaceable
True symmetrical X design
Fits full size FPV equipment including HS1177 camera

Kraken 5R Arms (4)
Kraken 5 Bottom Plate – 1.5mm CF (1)
Kraken 5R PDB – 1.6mm Custom PDB with integrated 8v LDO regulator (1)
Kraken Hardware Pack (1)
Kraken PC Pod – 2.0mm (1)
Kraken HS1177 Cam Bracket Kit (1)
Kraken Battery Pad (1)
Kraken PDB FC Inset Nuts (5)

The K5R is built lighter whereas the K5X is built tougher:

K5R has a 1.6mm PDB whereas K5X has a stronger stiffer 2.0mm PDB
K5R arms are 12mm wide at narrowest point whereas K5X is 14mm
K5R uses the 2.0mm pod whereas the K5X uses the 3.0mm pod.

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