Tarot Mini ESC12A with BEC



Product Specifications

1 Output capacity: Continuous current 12A, short-time current 15A (less than 10 seconds);
2 Power input: 2 lithium batteries or 5-6 NiMH / NiCd battery pack;
3 BEC Output: 5V @ 1A (linear regulator mode -linear mode);
4 throttle signal frequency range (Refresh rate): 50Hz-432Hz;
5 Maximum speed: 2-pole motor 210,000 rev / min, 6-pole motor 70000 rev / min, 12 pole motor 35000 rev / min;
6 Dimensions: 38mm (length) * 18mm (width) * 6mm (high);
7 Weight: 9g;

Product Features

1 safe power function: power, regardless of the position of the throttle stick in any motor will not start immediately, to prevent injury;
2 Throttle range calibrated features: remote control to adapt to the difference between different throttle range, improving throttle response linearity;
3 programmed project (available throttle stick or LED parameter settings tab settings):
? Brake setting: no brake / with brake;
? Battery type: Lithium Battery / NiMH;
? Low Voltage Protection Mode: Soft Shutdown / hard shutdown;
? Low Voltage Protection Threshold: low / medium / high;
? Start mode: Normal / Soft / Super-soft and starting;
? Timing: low / medium / high;
? Restore factory defaults;
4 Comprehensive protection features:
? voltage protection: programmed by the user when the battery voltage is lower than the protection threshold, ESC automatically reduces the output power;
? Overvoltage protection: the input voltage exceeds the input range allows not start, automatic protection, also issued a hasty “beep” warning tone;
? overheat protection: Built-in temperature detection circuit automatically reduces the output power when the ESC temperature is too high;
? remote control signal loss protection: remote control signal to reduce the power loss of 1 second, 2 seconds then there is no remote control signal disables the output;

Additional information

Weight 0,09 kg