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Universal 2-8 Way Multi-rotor Power Distribution Hub


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This is a power distribution hub specially designed for multi-rotor speed controller connection.

Well matched with KK flight control unit, also can be used for other multi-rotor application.

It makes the wiring of your multi-rotor system neater, nicer, securer.

Installation method:
1. Weld the power input wires of ESCs to the hub, suggested inner circle for “+”, and outter circle for “-“.
2. Isolate the hub with tape or shrinking tube, or use double side tape to fix it to the main frame of your multi-rotor aircraft.

Max ESC number: 8
Size: 5 x 5cm
Weight: 8g
Fixing hole diameter: 3.5mm

1 x wiring hub
1 x T connector
2 x silicon wires (AWG 14)
2 x heat shrinking tube

* This is a PCB board for easier wiring purpose, and does not include ESC or other accessories.

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