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Tarot 5 Propeller Red (CW/CCW)



Suitable for mini-200/250 and other mini-cross machine to use, with self-tightening mode locking motor MT1806 better effect. TAROT optimized airfoil with a new design and high-strength engineering plastic injection material to ensure good flexibility and rotor wing stability. Color rotors in the air with the most eye-catching effect, with multi-color front and rear rotors help to distinguish between the front and rear of the body condition.
Product parameters:
Positive and negative rotor diameter: 5 inches
Rotor Pitch: 4.5
Center Hole Diameter: 5.0 MM
Center hole height: 6.0MM
Weight: 2.95G / PCS.
Matching motor: Tarot MT1860 self-locking screw motor TL300H
Product Specifications:
5 × 1 inch paddle clover positive
5 × 1 inch paddle anti clover

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Weight 0,01 kg