Tarot 15×55 CCW Folding Propeller


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Product Description: 1552 folding propeller, using the new optimized airfoil design and high-strength engineering materials, to ensure a good flexibility and stability wing, get more than 10% efficiency improvement and more abundant power reserves. Suitable for four-axis, six-axis and other multi-axis multi-rotor UAV. Swiss five-axis machining center MIKRON molds.

Product parameters:
Overall Length: 173MM
Diameter: 15 inches
Weight: 8g single
Center hole diameter: 3.0mm
Mounts Thickness: 3.95mm
Product Specifications:
1555 Anti-efficient folding propeller × 2
Teflon Gasket × 4 (8 × 3 × 0.5MM) 0.05g
M3 × 11.3MM collar screw 0.6g × 2

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