TBS JelloGuard Hero3


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Sometimes no matter what you do “Jello” still exists. What causes it even when there are very little vibrations? The GoPro´s shutter speed is to blame, but never fear because Team BlackSheep has always got your back.

The TBS Jelloguard is our solution to this problem, simple to mount, maintain and reliable. The TBS Jelloguard eliminates “Jello” through the use of optical manipulation on the GoPro, it also doubles as a barrier to protect your sensitive GoPro lens from damage and moisture.

We understand that crashes are unavoidable as such we include 2 extra replacement lenses in every pack. They vary in stregth (on purpose) so you can switch them out for rainy or extremely bright days (think of a nice flight on a sunny day on a glacier, for example).

Features:(Its simple!)

Simple mounting, just “snap on” the Jelloguard! Essential for on site replacement.
Simple design, no screws or straps. Just one lens and one silicone rubber mount.
Simple replacement, just “pop” the old lens out and “pop” a fresh replacement in (2 per pack)
Simple cleaning with the included TBS lens cloth

Each lens is cut using industrial strength lasers. The result is a clean and extremely sharp finish absent of “Micro-scratches”. (The tiny spots on your window.)
Our lenses are produced from high quality neodyum treated glass in 3 strengths.

Package includes:

1x TBS Jelloguard (Lens+Silicone rubber mount)
2x Spare Lens
1x TBS lens cloth

Weight: Jelloguard(11g), Entire pack(31g)

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