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TBS Gemini FPV Racer



The TBS GEMINI is the latest generation of mini racer multirotors. Its revolutionary design with forward tilting motors and aerodynamic canopy as well as fully integrated yet modular electronics turn it into a beast that will dominate any race event.

Package includes

TBS Gemini main frame and plastic parts
Canopy for Race and Film (Mobius camera)
6 motors, ESCs and props
Flight control, pre-configured
FPV camera
TBS UNIFY 5.8GHz 200mW
1x 4S Battery
Gemini Carry Case
Gemini Locking Prop Nuts 6pcs

Receiver (PWM / PPM), Preflight setup with TauLabs software (


Forward-tilting motors for efficient, high speed flight
Built-in FPV camera
Optional HD camera
TBS CORE PNP25 (on screen display) with integrated current sensor
Ready for long range FPV
Custom 4A ESCs
Taulabs-based flight control
Crash-friendly, yet integrated layout

The frame is based on a design by award-winning multi-rotor pilot and one of the leading innovators in multi rotor design, Dr. William Thielicke (aka Shrediquette). TBS added its own secret-sauce with a fully-modular, crash friendly ESC and flight control installation. We get the best of both worlds: a tightly integrated component layout that optimizes weight efficiency, but also repair-friendlyness in case of crashes. And let´s face it, these things are made for crashing.

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Weight 3 kg