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Sebart Shark 30E Kit


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Without Electronic Parts, (Kit Only)


Wing Span: 157 cm
Length: 140 cm
Wing area: 44dm2
1.430 gr. RTF without batteries
1.700 gr. RTF with 3300-3S
Colors: white/red version, white/blue version

The Shark has recently been reviewed in the Jan 09 issue of RCMW magazine. The review was outstanding and the Shark was highly recommended as a perfect trainer – just as capable as an IC model. The Shark was also an excellent aerobatic performer making it an ideal relaxed sports aircraft.

Sebastiano has pulled out all the stops with his stunning new Shark electric trainer that is also a very capable sports model. This innovative design combined with the extremely lightweight structure, all wood airframe; give the SharkS 30E an impressive precision and smoothness at any airspeed and flight condition. Due to its leading edge wing slats it can be flown very stably at a low airspeed, making the aircraft an ideal trainer and a dream for every beginner.

Open the taps up on the tailored power set (optional) and the Shark is transformed into a capable sports model that can virtually do the book. In expert hands it can perform inverted flight, hover, positive harrier, low speed knife edge, and almost anything else you can dream up, and that for a Trainer is revolutionary!

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